Home and property buyers who are looking for property within the Denver real estate market will find things to be very competitive in 2015. Sellers are often, currently seeing multiple offers on listings – sometimes within days of a listing going on the market.

Prospective buyers can find Denver’s “last man standing, inventory-strapped housing market” a bit frustrating. Some buyers have even expressed panic as they make offers on homes or properties and await potential bidding wars.

Some home buyers have expressed that the process can easily take four to six months for those looking in the low $300,000 range. That is why is important to work with a firm like DenversAgent as we have a strong knowledge of what is available in the local real estate market AND the experience that will help you find your dream home or property and guide you through the most efficient way to make that property yours.

Some Denver real estate experts are advising home buyers to be committed to the process – but to expect to be beat out (on offers) once, twice or a half dozen times in the buying process.
However here at DenversAgent we will tell you that when you’re ready to start searching for properties, having the right team around you will make a big difference. Our staff knows the neighborhoods and we can use our networks to search out listings even before they hit the market.

With DenversAgent you’ll have an advocate working with and for you to find that dream home or property that you want.

Working with a reputable local lender can also help elevate any offer you make. A seller wants someone who will make it to closing.

We invite you to CALL OUR OFFICE and let us begin the process of home buying today.

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