Dae Han Jung Trejo

Born in the very small country of Honduras, Dae’s family migrated to the US in 2009. The United States of America was not only a safer haven, it was and is a pursuit of a better life and a better future. As they first arrived in the United States, Dae quickly realized that true opportunity is made through & out of hard work, dedication, and consistency. Wanting to make sure all knew of his dedication to his new home & country, Dae became a permanent resident and obtained his certificate of naturalization in 2018.

Dae has lived in Colorado and has been continuously astonished by the pure beauty and uniqueness of Colorado. He loves visiting and supporting local businesses because he understands how important everyone's “American Dream” is. Dae has come very far from where he started and is always willing to push himself to grow as a person and as a professional to best help those he knows and meets through & in the real estate industry to create and build their “American Dream.”

Through his incredible journey, he met Mario and Cyanne from a longtime high school friend. They immediately sparked his interest further in real estate and supported his vision to become who he desires most. Being the first generation of his family to live in the United States, and truly building a home and life here, he’s felt compassionate towards helping other people achieve their dreams. This resulted in him joining Keller Williams Realty International, Keller Williams Realty Downtown, & the team that’s supported his mission & vision the most,  #TheDenversAgentTeam. Dae understands & wholeheartedly believes that the team is devoted to going above and beyond for their clients, not only by assisting them build meaningful relationships that will change their lives forever, to also help them to create generational wealth for the ones they love most. Dae will undoubtedly do the best that can be done to seek knowledge and will always find a way to better himself & all those around him every single day.

Dae loves photography, comedy, great food, great company & his family.  He has a long time girlfriend named Kira & enjoys shoes, cars & sharing life stories & experiences with all willing to share. Whenever Dae is not working he is designing clothes, meeting new artists, playing soccer in the Aurora sports park, or going to car shows, or the mountains.

His ultimate dream and goal is to impact as many lives as possible and truly not just leave his legacy, to live his legacy!

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