Mario Lozano

Selling a home is much more than placing a sign & sign rider, paper & electronic flyers or holding an open house. It’s more than a great HD virtual tour, a title company & an inspection company.  It’s more than just a real estate agent that is aware of what it takes to sell a property for the best price all on your timeline. It’s a team of agents working for  you on what you want.  We'll work tirelessly on your personalized recipe of success that will take you step by step through the process of your specific scenario & all the countless time & money-saving opportunities we'll create.

When you call on us, we will dive deep into what you’d like to get done most & how you can not just be happy, on creating the plan on exactly how you can be the happiest.

There are a lot of faces out there when you look to invest in a new home. Why and how are we any different?  The raw answer is about many deep-rooted reasons. We are an infinite business. We focus on winning the war not every battle. We don’t mind spending extra time on the process, to ensure you understand how to win when we go out on the field.  We understand that preparation, mindset & experience will go a lot further when applied together & seamlessly. Since 2001, we have compiled a great list of over 400 companies that we will empower you with, when you hire us to help you navigate today’s market whether you are selling, buying or both!

When you are willing to be the most coachable & in a timely manner, you will get what you want with our team, always receiving the highest level of service. How will you truly win in today’s market? What do you need, not just to receive adequate representation, to truly understand your specific needs, vs. wants, budget vs. criteria & all the things in between from the locker room to the field?   From the practice field to the Superbowl, we are here to make sure you win big on your timeline.

With countless hours of training, & having visited with hundreds of agents, attended dozens of real estate & mindset conferences all over North America & Canada were certain we’ve got the training & experience to create your personalized success recipe.  I’ve walked through 1200 degree coals with Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within in Chicago, Ill. In July of 2018 so I know what it’s like to persevere the seemingly not possible.  I know how to make & break records and how to empower you to succeed at your highest level.

Understanding all the challenges you will face & those you may be about to face when you sell or invest on your timeline is our specialty.  Utilizing all of the businesses, experiences, conferences, coaches & thousands of agents that I’ve worked with since 2002, makes us certain that we can truly help you achieve everything you can & even what you may not be able to envision. Collectively we can potentially be unstoppable.  

Let’s write this next chapter, this next book, together, to where you not only win, you win big!

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